Why I do not diet

I don’t try to diet anymore. It’s been such an emotional journey for me. From not eating, to over eat, to eat any food I can find, to binge, I have try my fair share of diet plan. And as soon as I try to “follow” a diet plan, I failed.Which is weird because I am a very discipline person. But for some reason as soon as I am including restriction with food, I only crave for that food. And following a diet plan is hard. I am not home all the time preparing and cooking to aligned with the diet of the moment. Plus, it doesn’t do any good to me mentally as it’s becoming more of a stress than anything else. Over the years, I learned a few things about food and that is what I relay on as my foundation. And yes, even if I have this called “foundation” my weight have oscillate, because life happened!! I had a few challenges in my career and my personal life that made me jump off the wagon. But I am coming back. Why? Because I learned what food can do to my health physically and mentally. I also noticed how I feel after eating such as my energy level and my mood. That brings me back to good habits. I am more and more sensitive about eating healthy as I am growing old too. It’s important to me to stay healthy and happy as I am looking forward to the future.

Here is what my foundation is about : have a breakfast that will include protein or a great amount of fiber ( greek yogurt, eggs, oatmeal) and drink at least 1 cup of water when I wake up before eating breakfast. Eating breakfast when I am hungry. Not because I waked up. For me, it’s means eating around 9am but I wake up usually around 6am. I eat veggies with hummus or taziki or spread some spices on it. (I liked Mr. Dash) for my afternoon snack. I always bring a container of cut veggies in my back. (My husband usually cut them :)).

I love chocolate! I eat it almost everyday. and it’s about the only thing I measure. But I savoured it. So I don’t need a lot to be satisfiying.

When I am that moment where I want to loose weight, routine meals works for me. It’s boring I know, but it keeps me on track.


Caroline xo