Confinement is great!

I mean the actual “confinement” is great to me. But everything that cause it is bad, and sad and I am worry. But living in my home, with my hubby and the girls have been great! We all respected each other schedule and personal “schedule” (whatever that means). We wake up according to our schedule and make the best of our day the way we want. My husband and I are working from home. We each have our own space to work but we are able to have most of our lunches together. Something that never happen before. We also workout together every day and sometime the girls are joining us for more fun, or they do their own. I am saving all the commute time and I love it! I spend a lot of my time during the day on the phone and in front of my computer. On the week-end we did renovation and it was hard but very rewarding. No time pressure. We follow our own pace. I also cook a lot more. We are taking all our meals at home. During the weekdays, each of us is taking over dinner planning. I take Thursday because I remix leftover 🙂 . We also spend together watching old TV shows that we like every other day. I am also making my bed everyday, very tidy. It was not my “strength” before but I found some how that it’s my way to start the day and to feel that it’s my first achievement of the day.

The home is like a little nest for me right now, where I love to be surround with my family that I love so much!!. I really love it. It brings me back to the basic : caring, cooking, spending time together. Not to mention that economically, I reduced my spending habits by at least 80%. That speaks loud! I am finding a balance mentally since I learned to deal with the pressure of being productive (see other post). I really hope for the best for eveyone! I pray for all of us to get out of the virus time healthy and aware of the people that surround us. I hope that you are finding your peace and that you are able to growth and learn just like I do.

I wish everyone can find confort in your own “nest”!

Lot’s of love

Caroline xx

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