Coping with Covid-19

At the beginning of the Covid-19 confinement I put on myself a lot of pressure to be hyper-productive. I am lucky because I kept my job and I am working form home.But it was not enough. I wanted to do so much more like, I must workout, cook new recipes, make a plan for my blog, Instagram, filmed, lose weight, eat clean, etc. I put pressure on myself to accomplish more and probably want to speed up to forget about that situation we are in. Every end of day when I found myself on the couch watching TV I was unsatisfied and did not understand why I did not do more.

I started blaming myself for being lazy. I would do my hair, make-up and wear “lounge” clothes.

During those days, I was sad, and I cried. I felt terrible because I was not accomplishing all of my checklist items. I felt as a failure. The positive spirit in me was trying to motivate me the wrong way. I was telling myself: everything I did not do today, I will do it tomorrow and more!! It was a vicious circle has I have not take the time to absorbed what was going on around me.

In addition, people are getting sick, some left us, there is the uncertainty regarding the end of the confinement. People losing their jobs, who are struggling financially, mentally, physically. I was scared And I start reading about what we are going through collectively, and how it affects our mental health from many angles. And we all have our way to deal with it.  

When I finally accepted to do my best and frame myself with a reasonable schedule, I start to appreciate the positives of the situation. I am making my bed every morning, and I feel great. Never been good at doing this. I even fold the corner, so it looks really great! 🙂

I accepted that staying silent for 20 minutes or laying down on the couch is ok. In this time, it’s a privilege to be productive since a lot of us lost their jobs and/or trying to keep their business or family afloat. Keeping up with your monthly payment can’t be a huge challenge covered of anxiety. Nonetheless to mention the one who are dealing with sickness or without a loved one who is sick.

Coping with this situation is different for each of us. I stop being so hard on myself and not let social media make me feel guilty. I change my view point and actually celebrate the little accomplishment such as : making a healthy lunch, baking a cake with extra crème.

We are all in this together and we must support and respect each other, #nojudgement.

Lot’s of love,

Caroline xx

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