Happy Spring Ladies

It’s been a long time coming. But here I am at last. This is about sharing on life, career, family, fashion, fitness, and more. The daily struggle is real!!Especially now, this life moment is difficult, Uncertainty carry a great deal of stress, anxiety and unknown.

Being in quarantine have a few perks, like spending more time with your loved ones, cleaning the house, no commute but it also very important to stop the virus contamination, protect everyone that lives around you, to stop that dangerous spread. This period is also full of stress and uncertainty. As much as I want to keep my focus on the present time, I am dealing like many of you with stress and anxiety related to the future. I am lucky in a sense that I can work from home. The economic factor of that crisis is full of uncertainty for a lot of people. That is another reason why staying home is the way to go!

Somedays, lazinest gets to me and I just feel like staying in bed. But the key to get through the day is to plan my day. Have a detailed schedule of what I want to do, top with some objectives like being dress up no later than 9am, go for a walk with my husband daily, trying a new recipes every other day.

To reduced stress when planning make sure to plan what must be done during your day like : time to wake-up, lunch time, workout time, dinner time, bedtime. Those are non-negociable. Then you add your meetings, works, calls, etc. You can also color code to help. This apply in any context, as per example for students to help plan their schedule, works, study time, etc. It’s key to reduce the stress as you are in control.

Hope this can help a little during that unique time that we are all leaving. I pray everyday for our family and the world to heal and for a bright and happy future!

Lot’s of love,

Caroline xx