Coping with Covid-19

At the beginning of the Covid-19 confinement I put on myself a lot of pressure to be hyper-productive. I am lucky because I kept my job and I am working form home.But it was not enough. I wanted to do so much more like, I must workout, cook new recipes, make a plan for my blog, Instagram, filmed, lose weight, eat clean, etc. I put … Continue reading Coping with Covid-19

Confinement is great!

I mean the actual “confinement” is great to me. But everything that cause it is bad, and sad and I am worry. But living in my home, with my hubby and the girls have been great! We all respected each other schedule and personal “schedule” (whatever that means). We wake up according to our schedule and make the best of our day the way we … Continue reading Confinement is great!

Happy Spring Ladies

It’s been a long time coming. But here I am at last. This is about sharing on life, career, family, fashion, fitness, and more. The daily struggle is real!!Especially now, this life moment is difficult, Uncertainty carry a great deal of stress, anxiety and unknown. Being in quarantine have a few perks, like spending more time with your loved ones, cleaning the house, no commute … Continue reading Happy Spring Ladies

Why I do not diet

I don’t try to diet anymore. It’s been such an emotional journey for me. From not eating, to over eat, to eat any food I can find, to binge, I have try my fair share of diet plan. And as soon as I try to “follow” a diet plan, I failed.Which is weird because I am a very discipline person. But for some reason as … Continue reading Why I do not diet

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Walking is a workout

I have always been a big fan of walking. When I was younger I used to walk a few km every day. I really brisk walk that keep my weight down, while enjoying the weather and scenery. After, I started running. I did a few 10k and half-marathon and I loved it. I actually love the course itself but running, was not my favorite activity. … Continue reading Walking is a workout

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