Walking my way to better me.

I have been a big fan of walking. When I was younger I used to walk a few km every day. I really brisk walk that keep my weight down, while enjoying the weather and scenery. After, I started running. I did a few 10k and half-marathon and I loved it. I actually love the course itself but running, was not my favorite activity. The first 1-2k is always very hard. My cardio is limited with asthma issue. And I get bored. When I walk a really get bored. And I believe it’s attached to the mental boost I am getting from it as well as a sense of contentement and a zest of energy and happiness. In addition, from a physical perspective, walking as lower impact on my body, especially on my knees, lower back, feet and ankle. What I also enjoy it’s choosing my walking path before starting and knowing I will pass by the horses park, or the beautiful houses, or the view of Mount-Royal from a distance.

But don’t get me wrong, walking is not trailing. Walking means moving at a challenging pace (I get sweaty), swimming my arms freely with elbows slightly bends. Keeping my stomach muscles tight with my back straight looking forward, head up!

Another important element is wearing the right gear. Wearing proper walking shoes, clothes that will allow you to move, sports socks, sport bra, and …